Our fine selection of cigars:


Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5                                       

Length: 110mm/4.3inches    Ring Gauge: 40    Body: Medium – Full    Taste: Spicy

A very flavourful Petit Corona comes wrapped in dark leaves that were aged 5 years prior to construction. Enveloping aromas of a tight Italian coffee immediately come to mind and are quickly followed by fragrant notes of white ground pepper and spring time honey.


Cohiba  Magicos Maduro 5

Length: 114mm/4.5inches   Ring Gauge: 52   Body: Medium – Full    Taste: Spicy

Like its Maduro 5 brothers, the Magicos has a wrapper that has been aged for five years and it is mouth watering to look at! With great potential and with ageing, this Cohiba will become a spicy, full bodied smoke with quality tobacco and a classic Cohiba finish.

Cohiba Genios Maduro 5                                                

Length: 139mm/5.5inches   Ring Gauge: 52   Body: Medium – Full   Taste: Woody

Wonderful wrappers that have been aged for five years and guarantee a Maduro finish, this relatively young presents itself as a genius, its beany and roasted tobacco combo, take note' ever evolving power, make this Cohiba a must have for any aficionados.


Cohiba Siglo I                                                            

Length: 102mm/4.0inches    Ring Gauge: 40   Body: Medium    Taste: Spicy

True to its kinship, the Siglo I marries premium Havana tobacco with experienced craftsmanship. The blend chosen by the blend master is simple but effective in releasing notes of wood, dry tobacco and coarse salt. This Demi Corona is short, relatively thin and can be smoked very quickly. Interestingly, in all its brevity this cigar still manages to maintain an incomparable Cohiba elegance making it ever so interesting.


Cohiba Siglo II                                                         

Length: 127mm/5.0inches     Ring Gauge: 42      Body: Medium   Taste: Spicy

Smelling this cigar was wonderful and after having lit it up the magic continued down to the nub, with perfect combustion, draw and taste. It was tasty, creamy, smooth, with grassy flavour combined with hints of fresh beans.


Cohiba Siglo IV                                                         

Length: 143mm/5.6inches       Ring Gauge: 46     Body: Full     Taste: Spicy

Demanding, yet fantastic smoke and should be visited by seasoned aficionados only, full bodied and is capable of giving the smoker a whack. Wonderful flavours released consist of pepper, roasted nuts and medium tobacco. Towards the end of the stick the blend might release chocolate- spice onto your palate. A well rounded cigar and very pleasant.


Montecristo Grand Edmundo - LE 2010                                            

Length: 170mm/6.7inches   Ring Gauge: 52     Body: Medium    Taste: Animal

 Beautiful dark wrapper, the first impression gave off a hearty kick of spice. With a creamy smoothness with a hint of freshness develops at the 2nd phase.


Montecristo - Eagle                                                   

Length: 150mm/5.9inches   Ring Gauge: 54    Body: Medium – Full   Taste: Vegetal

Fresh and light in the smoke, the big ring gauge slowly warms giving off mild hints of exotic wood and spice.


Montecristo Open - Master                                                   

Length: 124mm/4.8inches   Ring Gauge: 50  Body: Light – Medium   Taste: Woody

The smoke is medium-bodied and quite round, fresh and flavoursome. One can detect herbaceous flavors along with some coffee and bitter spice. Woody and medium- bodied throughout the smoke


Montecristo Petit Tubos                                                       

Length: 127mm/5.0inches   Ring Gauge: 42    Body: Medium-Full     Taste: Spicy

Spicy and edgy and very tasty, this cigar is the most smoked Cuban around and it must be for a reason.


Montecristo No 5                                                       

Length: 102mm/4.0inches   Ring Gauge: 40    Body: Medium     Taste: Vegetal

Accessible cigar and perfect for smoking on the run. Punchy, full of floral notes and vanilla wisps the No.5 has an underlying bitterness which is pleasantly reminiscent of cedar wood.


Montecristo Joyitas                                                   

Length: 115mm/4.5inches       Ring Gauge: 26     Body: Medium     Taste: Woody

Packed with leather, tangy spices and aromatic wood. No great kicks or bangs with this little chap but mere pleasure derived from Habanos quality tobacco rolled masterfully!


Partagas Serie D No 5 - LE 2008                                                        

Length: 110mm/4.3inches     Ring Gauge: 50     Body: Medium – Full   Taste: Woody

Full flavour, complex and balanced with all the trademark of Partagas flavours. Constructed with tobacco leaves selected from the Vuelta Abajo region. A good choice for the intermediate smoker.


Partagas Shorts (only a few left)                                                

Length: 109mm/4.3inches      Ring Gauge: 42      Body:  Full      Taste: Spicy/Nutty

 Delicious is the adjective that best fits this cigar. As the name suggests, it provides only a short smoke. Approximately 15 minutes, but what a great 15 minutes it is.


Romeo y Julieta  Belicosos                                                             

Length: 140mm/5.5inches     Ring Gauge: 52        Body: Medium – Full     Taste: Vegetal

A mild, full-flavored cigar with a well-rounded taste and good burning qualities. Enjoyable thanks to its fine aroma.

Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No 4                              

Length: 127mm/5.0inches       Ring Gauge: 48         Body: Medium      Taste: Spicy

Herbal, woody and leathery clusters of taste meld artfully with a tropical fruit medley. Strong yet has ingenious balance so as not to take away from the taste experience. A must have for any aficionados.


Romeo y Julieta No 1 A/T                                     

Length: 140mm/5.5inches       Ring Gauge: 40        Body: Medium      Taste: Woody

Woody with tangy fruity and grassy notes gives life to this cigar. An excellent starter cigar for those new to Cubans.


Romeo y Julieta  No 3 A/T                               

Length: 117mm/4.6inches       Ring Gauge: 40         Body: Medium         Taste: Woody

Same profile as No. 1 but shorter. Woody with tangy fruity and grassy notes gives life to this cigar. An excellent starter cigar for those new to Cubans



Hoyo Epicure No.1

Length: 142mm/5.6 inches       Ring Gauge: 46            Body: Light- Medium       Taste: Fruity

This is a cigar that can be enjoyed early in the day and is one that novice smokers should enjoy to see what a complex and flavourful cigar should taste like.


Hoyo Palmas Extra

Length: 140mm/5.5inches       Ring Gauge: 40          Body: Light – Medium     Taste: Woody

A mild mannered, heavy woody flavored cigar with great elegance and complexity. Smoke this cigar slowly and it can be enjoyed by most.




Bolivar Royal Coronas                                              

Length: 124mm/4.8inches       Ring Gauge: 50             Body: Medium- Full     Taste: Spicy

This generous robusto develops full, woody flavours without being aggressive. Its pronounced spices are seductive, while its relative subtlety caters to modern tastes.



 Bolivar Short Bolivar - RE 2008

Length: 109mm/4.3inches       Ring Gauge: 52             Body: Medium- Full     Taste: Woody

Powerful with a lot of black pepper in the bouquet with toasted bread, roasted coffee and wood on the 2/3 phrase. The smoke is thick and buttery, pleasant despite an obvious power.



Bolivar Belicosos Fino

Length: 140mm/5.5inches       Ring Gauge: 52             Body: Full     Taste: Woody

Wood, coco and toasted tobacco with hints of fragrant spice toward the finale. Thick smoke and lasting taste with impeccable combustion from pre-light. Unquestionably refined.



Bolivar Petit Coronas                                          

Length: 127mm/5.0inches       Ring Gauge: 42             Body: Medium- Full     Taste: Earthy

A feisty little fellow filled with spice and wood, consistent through to the end. There is a nice sweetness to this cigar with wet earth and coffee-cocoa taste.


Trinidad Reyes                                                          

Length: 110mm/4.3inches       Ring Gauge: 40             Body: Medium      Taste: Woody

Fantastic construction, easy and comfortable draw from the start. Tangy flavours and woody spices develop constantly over the 25mins, it takes to smoke this little cigar.


Trinidad  Coloniales                                                

Length: 130mm/5.1inches       Ring Gauge: 44       Body: Medium         Taste: Woody

 This petit Corona is finished with a "perilla", excellent in quality with taste and aroma of spicy wood and coffee, pinches of honey and wet earth. Great smoke with subtleness and complexity.


Trinidad Short Robusto - LE 2010 (Only a few left)

Length: 102mm/4.0inches       Ring Gauge: 50       Body: Medium      Taste: Leathery

Hot and heady with lush of flavours from the beginning. Coffee, burnt caramel and peppery spicy, with incense wood coming thru. A solid cigar to complement robust whisky.


Quai D’ Orsay  Imperiales (Only a few left)                                                        

Length: 175mm/6.9inches       Ring Gauge: 47           Body: Light - Medium      Taste: Woody/Nutty

A Churhill for the beginner due to its light, mellow and easy attitude. Delicate notes of toasted nuts, caramel and quality tobacco envelop precious woods and green pepper.


Quai D’Orsay Superiores - RE 2011 (Only a few left)                                        

Length: 124mm/4.9 inches       Ring Gauge: 47      Body: Medium         Taste: Woody

Selected exclusively for Asia Pacific market in 2011. A fantastic cigar that improves by aging, full flavors with an interesting profile of wood, coffee and hay with a medium body and creamy texture.


H Upmann   Upmann No.2                               

Length: 155mm/6.1inches       Ring Gauge: 46        Body: Medium     Taste: Spicy

A famous torpedo starts out with a slightly sweet woody flavor with a light spicy taste. Leather notes and concentrated coffee are the main flavors the cigar with powerful finale.


H Upmann Coronas Major A/T                                

Length: 132mm/5.1inches       Ring Gauge: 42       Body: Medium – Full    Taste: Vegetal

 It is much stronger than the Coronas Junior and also reveals straight forward H.Upmann taste with plenty of herbal flavours as "background".


Punch Sabrosos - RE 2011

Length: 155mm/6.1inches       Ring Gauge: 52        Body: Medium-Full     Taste: Earthy

Regional release for Asia Pacific. It has the essential elements of sweet spices and leather. Super strong aromas of coffee and dark chocolate coming off the stick with the draw being perfect at cold.


Punch Punch Punch                              

Length: 142mm/5.6inches       Ring Gauge: 46       Body: Medium – Full    Taste: Spicy

Complex, spicy and woody taste with subtle hints of vanilla and herbal flavours. Smooth and strong with a perfect draw and combustion, this stick offers even more as smoke goes further.


Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (Only a few left)

Length: 193mm/7.6inches       Ring Gauge: 49        Body: Medium-Full     Taste: Fruity

One of the best Double Coronas! Bold and soft spoken with generous dose of silky smoke. It doesn't attack the palate and is in fact the opposite. Pair it with wine cask matured whiskies, it will make your day!


Vegas Robaina Famosos  (Only a few left)                        

Length: 127mm/5.0inches       Ring Gauge: 49       Body: Medium – Full    Taste: Spicy

A typical VR cigar with spicy and honey notes. Good tempo with virility and masculine. Try it with a Bordeaux red wine or a heavy Californian Pinot Noir. A cigar for experienced smokers.




Guantanamera Cristales

Length: 150mm/5.9inches       Ring Gauge: 41        Body: Light     Taste: Mild/Woody

Mild Cuban cigars originating from the Vuelta Arriba region. This is the Cuban cigar for a beginner or for any cigar smoker who likes a very mild and light bodied cigar.


Quintero Nacionales

Length: 140mm/5.5inches       Ring Gauge: 40        Body: Medium-Full     Taste: Vegetal

Distinct grassy flavors, slightly out of the norm compared to the rest of the family. Sweet and grassy from the on-set, giving this cigar a feeling of mildness. Earthy power kicks in at the second phase.


Quintero Panetelas

Length: 127mm/5.0inches       Ring Gauge: 37        Body: Full     Taste: Earthy

Rather like a shot of espresso. This is a powerful cigar with rich flavours. Easy to over smoke leaving a burnt taste, will be a discovery for anyone who is looking for a cigar with character.


Cuaba Distinguidos

Length: 160mm/6.3inches       Ring Gauge: 52        Body: Medium-Full     Taste: Woody

Uncut figurados format that are particularly hard to make and demand a lot of skill from their torcedores. Distinguidos is a special edition Cuaba cigar, with open wood and herbaceous aromas.




El Rey Del Mundo Choix Suprême

Length: 127mm/5.0inches       Ring Gauge: 48        Body: Light     Taste: Fruity

The lightest and sweetest of the Cuban Robustos. This cigar is characteristic for its honey sweet, floral and tangy taste, in combination with a lot of bean flavours. Great cigar for new comer or occasional smoker.